The Road to Ultra Philippines

Contrary to most people I know, I never went through a clubbing phase where I need to go to clubs on weekends. Not in my teenage years and until this day. I remember most friends would reminisce about their wayward teenage years sneaking out their windows and climbing up their gated houses to rendezvous with friends around the street corner. First of all, clubs require a bit of drinking and I do not drink. Aside from my natural disgust for beer, I am allergic to alcoholic beverages (I’m cool with that!). Second, clubbing requires budget and I am Little Miss Stingy. I practically scrimp on everything. The reason for this is because I would like to keep a certain amount in my savings account so I have an opportunity to backpack at whim.

Going back to clubbing – I do indulge in that once every few years. This year however was epic. My friend Rione who works for an events and lifestyle online magazine scored us tickets to the very first ULTRA Philippines. I never really knew what it was but apparently it’s huge. Ultra Music Festival is an annual outdoor electronic music festival that started in Miami, Florida. Electronic, house, and dusbstep music are unfamiliar territories to me but I have been exposed to it just a teeny bit because my former students are into that.

I was guestimating that my friends and I will probably call it a night by 11pm. We were sort of expecting that the crowd would be half our age and if you do the math our energy level will probably have the same ratio. The tickets were very pricey so we were all the more surprised that there were a lot of people – young people who can afford this kind of event. Times have definitely changed. You should’ve seen the way these kids dress. My mom’s eyeballs would probably pop out of its sockets if I go out of the house wearing ultra short denim shorts and crop tops. Being there felt like I was chaperoning my students in a party. At first, my friends and I were conservatively moving along with the music but when Dutch DJ Vicetone played, we were practically swaying with the crowd. By midnight, we were jumping up and down with Fedde Le Grande. Around 2am, we were soaked in the rain and bathe in W&W’s music. Scrillex was the main act and by then our energy level dropped to 0.

I think I may have reached my quota for ‘clubbing’ this year. That must’ve been the longest I have endured dancing – 8 hours of house and electronic music. That night we may have not dressed the part but we sure did party like rockstars.

#Dembitches keeping up with the times.

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